2012-2013 Theme – Chosen That You May Proclaim

Northview Women’s Ministry Theme


Self-Esteem is a big topic these days. Lists like the “Best Self Help Books for Women” illuminate the world’s solution: Self-esteem is found within yourself :).  Book titles suggest you embrace your truest self, quiet your inner critic, heal your emotional self, find your inner voice and reclaim yourself.

Scripture, however, asserts that self-esteem is all about God.  Verse after verse about being chosen, being treasured, and being loved draw readers’ attention away from themselves to the God who does the choosing, treasuring and loving and who infuses our life with purpose and meaning.  1 Peter 2:9, the verse that we settled on for this year’s theme, does this magnificently.  Let me unpack it a bit for you:

But you are chosen race

We are chosen by God and we are part of a community.  Our worth is not found by looking within, but by connecting to God and other Christians.

a royal priesthood

We have been adopted into God’s royal family, and have been given spiritual authority over the powers and principalities of this world; we are no longer subject to them.  Contrary to self-help ideas, however, this power doesn’t come from inside ourselves; it comes from God.  As priests, we are expected to serve others in this role.  We are to ‘mediate God’ to those who don’t know or understand Him.

a holy nation, a people for his own possession

Holy denotes being set apart for the service of God.  Our freedom was paid for by Christ’s sacrifice.  We were bought with a price (1 Cor 7:23) and therefore are now God’s possession.  God will both care for us and put us to work.

that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Our purpose in realizing “who we are” is not to feel better about ourselves or to celebrate our own greatness, but to proclaim in our speech and reflect in our actions the character and nature of God.  This goes further than even sharing what God has done “for us”.  We are to specifically share WHO HE IS:  to tell others and to live in light of His sovereignty, power, judgment, holiness and love.

As we go through the ministry year together, we plan to explore the implications of this verse under the theme: “Chosen that you may proclaim”.  Studies will focus on Knowing God as He presents himself in scripture, and our identity will come from serving God and each other, blessing those in our local community and around the world. Will you join in?  You are chosen, that you may proclaim.


Kristal Toews

Director of Women’s Ministries

MOMs and Oasis Update – Do you bring your child?

Hey Everyone! It’s Sterling! I have an update for you that you might need to know.

If you bring your child or children to the Tuesday morning MOMs group, or to the Wednesday morning Oasis group this info will be helpful to you!

Starting in the Fall we will be using a new system to sign in kids to the Childcare program. It’s called KidCheck and it’s the same system that they will be using at the Weekend Services.

The KidCheck program will be very helpful in saving time, and strengthening the security in dropping off and picking up your kids at Childcare. It’s all works on the computer. You create a profile for you and your kids and you can sign them in and out on the computer. It’s that simple.

You will need to make your profile to be able to use this new system and sign in your kids. If you make your profile now before MOMs and Oasis begin in September, you will save yourself a lot of time on the first day. This way there won’t be a long line up on the first day while everyone creates their profiles. You’re welcome!

Here are the steps to creating your KidCheck profile:

1. Go to www.kidcheck.com and hold the mouse over Sign Up near the top (under the KidCheck logo), then choose Parents/Guardians.

2. Enter your contact information and create a username and password.

3. Enter Northview Community Church when it asks for your organization.

4. Click Register and click I Agree to the terms of use.

5. Set up your account by entering your mailing address, time zone, phone options and birthday.

6.Click Save

7. Use the tabs to fill in your kids and spouse/guardian information and click Save Changes. Make sure you include photos of all your kids and yourself.

Now you are registered and can change your information any time!

Feel free to send me a note at sterling@northview.org if you have any troubles.

See you in September!

Sterling Ray